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Where has education gone?

Where has education gone?

A few days ago I was talking to a friend, a renown artist of our country who told me that nowadays teaching has turned really difficult, especially when we talk about discipline. Today snapping or calling the attention of a student is not that simple, above all for the way and methods should be used.

If my best teachers of elementary school which set on me love and respect in return would have traumatized me with a shout or punishment, I would not remember them with the affection I have from them today. Rolando Pazo, my teacher Ibis and Dulce María, Milanes every one with different characteristics but all of them truly exigent and even sometimes rough with students.

Can you imagine dad or mom, the ones who have children, how would it be if from home we would not  punish after telling  good manners in a thousand ways. How would be education, the raising of our little children. Teachers at school not only have your child or mine. There are not one, two or three children. There are at least 25 children for classroom, different characters, aptitudes and families. It is responsibility of  the teacher to be an example for the children but also be a psychologist, educator, confessor, and all of this sometimes is achieved with a  lot of methodology but also with a prudent preach if being necessary, rough handed though with plenty of love. I also recognize that these are times in which teaching could be by the deficit of staff has turned in a marathon to look for teacher without taking into account their pedagogical formation, the passion for their profession, formal education and that teaching is not the way it used to be, but also know for I see it daily that there are a lot of good teachers from the old and new school too. But it is needed for them institutional support, economic improvement, confidence from the parents, not underestimating those who have in their hands the education of our children. Teaching is one of the professions socially more respected and we should give its adequate value from home and from our family.

Placing our society before the mirror we can appreciate that much is left for all of us to recognize our weak points in this matter and not exactly for lack of education but due to the fact that we have adopted rudeness and vulgarity as patrimony of simplicity or popular behavior. Children go to school when they have received in their familiar frame the starting point of what will be their citizen development including society values. At school they are supposed to find the complement and in society as a whole the environment for their growth.

In my opinion if every one of us looks into ourselves and reflexes that they can contribute to a better performance of their family inside and outside their bosom, then he is given an important contribution for change, for each of us to be part of this society.


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