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Venezuela: Maduro increases the minimal wage in his country

Venezuela: Maduro increases the minimal wage in his country

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced yesterday the increase of the minimal wage in a 103 percent which should be adjusted immediately to all the workers of the South American nation, from 2.555.500 bolivars to 5.196.000 bolivars.

During a meeting with representatives of the working sectors, the governor detailed that the integral income of the Venezuelans will be of  3.000.000 bolivars plus the bonus of food to 2.196.000. That will give the total of the minimal wage.

The chief of state also reported that this wage increase will have repercussion in the growth of the pensions received by the people of the third age which now is 4.200.0000 bolivars to counteract the economic war the country lives.

Likewise, he expressed that the benefits given to the Venezuelans through the mission system will also received a rise of the amount as an strategy to ¨guarantee the safety of the country¨.

¨To construct socialism in the economical sector is vital the participation of the working class. Venezuela is an example of truths, we have always defended the truth,¨ he expressed while repeating his commitment with the impulse of the national economy.

On the other hand, he reported that the Young Chamba Plan, a program which helps the youth to obtains their first job, will be turned in a constitutional law after being sanctioned by the chief office.

¨We have obtained peace, Chamba plan is part of that, I will keep my word and we will achieve the economic peace to all the Venezuelans of this kind nation.¨ expressed for certain the president.

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