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U.S, the archetype of the human rights violation

U.S, the archetype of the human rights violation

Throwing stones to the neighbor´s roof, even when ours is of glass, takes part of the policy implemented by the U.S government in matters of human rights.

The recent actions in this sense and its history in the last years, show that the hypocrisy to accuse to other people is bigger than the responsibility to solve their internal affairs.

They appoint to the other people with their hands stained with the blood of the almost 40 thousand people that die every year in their country by fire weapons, by the strikes of the convicts exploited like modern slaves.

The U.S accuse with the same hand it imposes differences between women and men, rich and poor, white and black; the same hand that takes terror and war to other countries and tortures to secret jails.

With what moral condemns the richest country in the world

With what moral condemns the richest country in the world, when in its territory live about 40 million people in poverty, another 20 million in extreme poverty and 5 million in absolute poverty.

The U.S has the highest imprisonment rate in the whole world and its policy of tolerance towards migrants, contribute to private jails reach a new business which moves more than 4 billion dollars yearly.

Not to mention the secret prisons in the world, among them the ones which keep in the territory illegally occupied in Guantanamo, accused of make every kind of tortures to obtain information to supposedly fight terrorism.

A country where the convicts go on strikes for the constant violations of their rights

They speak about human rights as though been able to hide the hundred black people dying every year in the hands of police officers.

American women still are given lower wages to men for equal work.

And schools are not a safe place for students, since in front of the cross fires and the dead people, the government does not eliminate the laws authorizing the weapons possession, but they train the teachers to shoot also to their armed students.

One of the worst managements before natural disasters

The northern nation should first think how to avoid that a hurricane like Michael takes the lives of more than 20 people and give a solution to devastation, the crisis and the almost 4000 deceased left by the path of Maria in Puerto Rico, the island that remains in condition of Free Associate State.

We cannot speak about human rights when thousands of people in the world have been deprived from theirs by the orchestrated wars by the empire in the Middle East, Africa; for the destabilization provoking in Latin America the economic war, the unilateral sanctions, the support to fascists practices and dictator regimes.

The U.S government should learn from the common sense, from the popular wisdom which appoints not throwing stones over another´s roof, when itself has one so fragile as glass; they should apply for the bible phrase of not looking the straw in the other´s eye when yours is blinded by a beam.

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