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Trump continues with his erratic behavior

Trump continues with his erratic behavior

If I had told you a year ago or maybe less that the President of the U.S would be far away from allies with whom he shares the umbilical cord like Canada, and that he would depart earlier from that meeting with his peers to meet one of the greatest enemies of Washington like the President of the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea.

If I had told you this, six months ago you would not have believed me. But it is exactly what happened. The G-7, group of the most industrialized countries gathered in a peaceful Canadian town to try to reach for priorities.

The meeting ended with insults, offenses a whole soap opera

Trump departed in advance, heading to Singapore for the so announced meeting with Kim Jong Un.

He defended despite the critics the imposition of fees to Canadian and European products.

This is a big trouble for the leaders there gathered like Angela Merkel, Macron or Shinzo Abe, they are representatives of a world where the free market, that´s it to say imports and exports with the minimal fee is the way to choose,  though it affects to countries individually, mainly if the country is a small one.

Meanwhile, Trump arrived in and to please his electoral base and to remember to the whole world the power he has in his hands he increased the imports fees of aluminum and steel which widely disturbs to Canada and Europe and many business men in the U.S.

The G-7 normally ends like a kind Sunday movie in the afternoon, with a consensual agreement, Trump´s team helped even to write it and later through Twitter he said that he would not sign this document since Justin Trudeau was not honest and weak.

In this way he offended in a personal way to the leader of the country that represents the most important allied of Trump´s

He only had his mind set on one thing: the meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. More than 3 thousand journalist await there, both leaders have arrived in last night and tomorrow they will see each other face to face, first alone and later with the diplomatic team. Trump takes advantage from this opportunity to show that he is capable to arrange even the most difficult agreement.

Trump is going to offer to Kim Jong Un a diplomatic presence in Pyongyang and economic help.

Kim would respond freezing the nuclear development and demanding that at least several economic sanctions will be lifted which confine to North Korea to a narrow trade centered mainly in China.

Backgrounds are disastrous

Kim has shown more military muscle than his father or grandfather and affirms that he has a missile which reaches New York.

This comes in after the greatest threats in Washington and in the pulpit of the General Assemblies of the U.N

Trump says that he will know if the agreement will be given in the first minute of dialog, this man affirms that he turns the back on his allies to cope with the most unpredictable enemy.

Both of them will tell the story later the way they want: they need to make it show as a success for their internal opinion.

But for moments, look like this does not make too much sense. Kim needs the nuclear arsenal to exist and face the U.S and none of the ones which really order wants a united Korea, the military arsenal and the work force of the North with the technology and economic power of the South? A potency which is better to keep divided.

Both of them will show power and will try to gain something. Meanwhile, the whole world watches closely that this will keeps us far away from the threat of a nuclear war.

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