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To Moscow the G7 is not a priority

To Moscow the G7 is not a priority

In Canada started the G7 summit, which will be develop during two days with the presence of international potencies which take part of this group. However, one of the more burning issues to be discussed is the possible entrance of a member which had been already excluded.

In Canada are gathered the leaders of the U.S, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy to discuss about what is happening in the world and to solve in synthesis in which way they could be affected the less. And seems to be that the so called G7 is a group of countries economically developed that together represent more than the 64% of the global richness.

Their greatest alliances are based on in the economic pacts but politics always influence. In this meeting is more visible than ever before. One of the participants, Donald Trump has already said even before taking his plane, the two proposals taken to the meeting. The first one responds to his protectionist practices.

Trump said in advance that he looks forward to arranging trade agreements which benefit to the U.S because according to him the already existing are unjust, a declaration that was already denied by the Canadian Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau  and the French President Emmanuel Macron.

The second idea, not less polemic and above all coming from the President of the U.S, was his proposal of reincorporating Russia to the group. Let us remember that this group existed in format G7 between 1976 and 1997, but after the Russia reincorporation turned into G8. In 2014, the western potencies used the Ukraine situation as a pretext to expel Russia.

However, to Moscow, the G7 is not a priority. In fact the Kremlin speaker has declared that they bet for other formats and make them just when Putin strengthen alliances with China.

In short, first were seven countries, later eight with the entrance of Russia and after returned to its initial figure while expelling this nation and it could be soon only 6 if the countries members respond to the protectionist policy of Trump and above all after he decided to increase the fees to steel and aluminum to Canada and the Europe Union.

From this meeting only the governments and enterprises of the countries members will be favored, the result for the societies is quite different. But the most interesting thing in the debate is how the U.S in the middle of his isolation policy has become in the defense attorney of his ¨enemy¨ at least in the media, Russia, even when the latter did ask for dance.

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