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The whole world cried for the death of Michael Jackson nine years ago

The whole world cried for the death of Michael Jackson nine years ago

It has been nine years since the King passed away, and when this happens all of his followers feel it deeply. The King of Pop said goodbye on June 25th 2009 leaving behind a complicated but very successful career.

When in 1978 Michael still singed with his brothers, the film ¨The wiz¨ was rolled in which emerged a collaboration with Quincy Jones which later turned into trade society. Jones complimented a lot Jackson´s work in the film, in which he plays the role of a scarecrow which the critics appointed as the best of the film. Logically, the music did not lag behind and both of them agreed to work together in what would be the fifth album of the King of Pop.

The disc was ¨Off the wall¨ one of the best sold in history. It was made when Mike just turned 21, the first one in including four songs in the first places of popularity and which gave to Michael his first Grammy.

But in ¨Off the wall¨, a phrase which in English means something amazing or unusual, appears the song ¨She´s out of my life¨, a theme that Tom Bahler wrote for Karen Carpenter but she set it aside when she discovered that the author with whom he had a romance had a child with another woman.

Jones showed deep interest in the theme and considered that Michael was in conditions to assume it. He still remembers all the necessary effort to get the ending where the singer gave full play to his feelings and break down and cried before saying the word ¨life¨.

¨She is out of my life¨ is to me the personification in the career of Michael Jackson and his example that he could sing. Later he dealt with themes with greater technical and choreographic deployment, but in this song he delivered in my opinion, all of his skills. It is the Michael Jackson I enjoy to remember.

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