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The U.S evacuated several Chinese officials due to sonic attacks

The U.S evacuated several Chinese officials due to sonic attacks

The U.S evacuated several Chinese officials due to sonic attacks. According to the U.S journal The New York Times and the press agency AP, an undetermined number of U.S diplomatic affected in China, have been reported. This has been declared by the speaker of the State Department, Heather Nauert.

The U.S evacuated more employees from China after medical examinations revealed that they could have been affected by unexplainable health troubles which have affected to Americans in this Asiatic country and in Cuba, reported the State Department.

Several individuals have been sent back to the U.S, said Heather Nauert, speaker of the State department. These cases are added to the one of the U.S worker that was previously evacuated from China, as was revealed at the proper moment by the government of the President Donald Trump.

The new evacuations were done after some days the U.S sent a team of doctors to the Chinese city of Guangzhou to evaluate the governmental employees in that place.

Nauert said that the medical evaluations have being done and they are made to any member of the staff who had suffered from the worrisome symptoms or feel like being checking up.

The affected people have symptoms and clinical findings which are similar to the ones related with brain concussions and light traumatic brain affections, according to the report.

The federal official said that the evacuated U.S citizens will be submitted to examinations in the University of Pennsylvania, where doctors have assisted and studied several patients that were evacuated from the embassy of Havana. The official spoke under anonymous condition since he had no authorization to declare in public about the situation.

The new events have generated fears that the unexplainable incidents which started in Cuba in 2016 have spread to China. Washington has described the events as ¨specified attacks¨ to U.S workers, but a cause or responsible have not been identified. The majority of the cases were accompanied by strange and unexplainable sounds, which since the very beginning gave rise to suspects to U.S investigators of a sonic attack.

The first worker of the U.S government who was evacuated from China reported ¨light and uncertain sensations, but not normal of sound and pressure¨. Beijing affirmed last month that a possible cause has not been found.

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