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The Rosenberg´s assassination, a crime from the ¨Cold war¨

The Rosenberg´s assassination, a crime from the ¨Cold war¨

Sixty five years away from the appalling crime of the Rosemberg´s crime in the U.S hands, an act in memory of those victims of the Imperial Politics took place in the monument erected to them in Havana.

The founder of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty and member of its secretariat Jose Altshuler, affirmed that the assassination of Ethel and Julius Rosemberg moved the conscience of the people and even many governments which did not understand this atrocity.

He remembered that this marriage was innocent from the charges of espionage imposed to them and the imperialism could not prove the cause they were accused.

Jose Altshuler appointed that the U.S government from that time accused the Rosembergs of communist militants, a reason more than enough for that killing administration and that is why it proposed this as an example to the world.

The present Rosenbergs

A flower offering on behalf of the Cuban people was given by the Cuban Institute of Country Friendship in the act for the 65th anniversary of the assassination of the Rosenberg´s spouses in their monument in Vedado.

Merilin Haustig, a young American girl present in the commemoration said to Radio Reloj that her country has present this appalling crime which portraits the attempts of the imperialist governments against the ones who opposed to them.

She expressed that Ethel and Julius were victims of Macartism, a period in which the administrations of the U.S pursued the communists and to all revolutionary opposed to capitalism.

The monument to the Rosenberg´s spouses is located in Zapata st. and Paseo. It is the only one in Latin America and the world who remembers to those victims of imperialist cruelty.

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