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Summit Kim-Trump: much ado about nothing

Summit Kim-Trump: much ado about nothing

The surrealistic meeting has already taken place. Many words, agreement signing, and a long press conference between Donald Trump, U.S President and Kim Jong Un, leader of Korea Democratic Republic. Smiles, shaken hands, the U.S dignitary even showed the presidential car known as ¨the beast¨ to the Asiatic leader.

There is no solid agreement but only promises

Trump says with his habitually exaggerated rhetoric that they get along great and that he trust Kim. As you may understand in the U.S left and right trends see this as a big madness hard to metabolize. And it is that the enemy is suddenly a kind talker portrait by the White House. And since nothing concrete came out from this meeting and it was merely symbolic, let us go to the symbols.

Trump arrived in as a winner and not as a President, that lackadaisical figure like trying to convince someone to buy something to the conquered potential by his rhetoric, but what is it exactly that Trump sells? What is criticized the most in his country is that: they expected a work chronogram, today I hope you stop your missile program tomorrow I will let you check the installations. That was what people expected from the meeting: concrete steps for the denuclearization, dates, terms.

Trump promises to finish with the military works with South Korea.

Nothing to do with that, only fatuous commitments. They signed an agreement where Kim made a commitment to the total denuclearization, when? Nobody knows, how? Either. And of course this novel got better after the meeting. The following day the North Korean press said that the meeting had been productive and published more than thirty photographs and barely talked about denuclearization. Almost simultaneously said Trump in Twitter that the North Korean threat no longer exists. That they could sleep peacefully.

Of course that was disagreed. Trump did give to Kim pieces of advice, did not make any comment for what is for him technicality of nuclear subjects but he did speak about what he knew. North Korea need to take advantage from its beaches, build condoms, said the always business man who lives in the president.

Trump gave a hand, he said that the war rehearsals would be over between South Korea and his country, all this for surprise of the Pentagon and Seul, to whom the news was unknown until seeing it in the media.

Trump says that the military rehearsals are too expensive, cost a lot of money and also says he wants to build a wall with the southern boundary that will cost millions of dollars.

Trump broke the pact of the U.S with Iran

It is evident that none of this responds to logic. Obama signed an agreement with Iran to take international control of the nuclear program of the Persian country. This agreement was strict and watched every step of the Iran people with respect to the program to develop nuclear energy with peaceful endings.

Trump said it was not enough and took the U.S out from this agreement against the pleas of Europe for not to be sabotaged the agreement Washington weaved under another administration.

Then, I break the agreement with Iran because they lie and will build the weapon for sure, said Trump to his advisors and then he make peace with Kim without demanding concretely to denuclearize?

I told you before. If I had told you this story three months ago, you would not have believed me. What´s left then? Trump is happy in that world he builds up and inside which he feels he has done a great agreement. He rather forgets some troubles at home are added since turning the back on Canada and saying he believes in Kim Jong Un does not fit in the U.S. Let us now go out from this story Kim-Trump which has had almost as much coverage as the wedding of Megan Markel and the British prince Harry.

 The nuclear arsenal of North Korea guarantees its security

Is really North Korea that enemy says to be the U.S? Let us remember that they always need an enemy and that there are other countries with nuclear arsenal from which people does not talk much about them.

There is one reality: North Korea needs from its nuclear arsenal to exist and responds when they feel under threat, though the military force and even less the nuclear force should never be the answer.

All this show would not change anything. Nobody promised anything and this world where people change of opinion at the speed people use Twitter, the daybreak remained the same.

People who rather watch the glass full say that at least tensions decreased. We should wait and see if he keeps his word and this choreography meeting end in something really giving benefits to someone.

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