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Standards and regulations of a good dressing in Cuba

Standards and regulations of a good dressing in Cuba

Little time ago I was in a bank making an operation and a man came in tank top and shorts with the intention to enter inside. Just at the time he was about to do it the security agent blocked him explaining him that in that way he was not supposed to go inside. The man kind of upset tried to persuade the decision, which was nothing less than one of the rules established in those institutions.

And seems to be that with the justification that we live in a tropical country, the arts of good dressing, knowing how and what clothes to wear is been lost. It has nothing to do with scarce resources or economic limitations, it rather has to do with social education with is born and cultivates by families.

It is very common to see nowadays someone trying to enter a restaurant in short or tank top, people in the movies or theater wearing slippers or visiting a notary´s office, a civil registration or any housing office in the same way.  It has nothing to do with wearing suit and tie, is rather about knowing that not for every place the adequate clothes is a short and a tank top. There are many factors which can cause this phenomenon which is increasing.

It looks like demanding certain standards of sobriety, taking into account the different occasion of everyday life is kind of difficult. It is easier to get used to seeing girls wearing short or tank tops or boys wearing non sleeve t shirts as something truly common.

Not to mention the educational institutions, even when there are standards for parents, professors and students, because another subject would be the use of the school uniform.

Yet you can see a mother in short or blouse very short to leave his child at school, even a teacher not dressing in adequate ways when it is about standing in front of classroom to teach. I must admit that the Ministry of Education has done a lot to fight these attitudes but still there is much to do.

Everything is in favor of that evil which has turned very common to such degree when someone can get upset while being required to have adequate dressing in a state institution. So said a colleague of Granma newspaper in an investigation made about the subject.

The little access to specialized Cuban criteria, the excuses of our tropical weather, stereotyped concepts coming from show business or the economic difficulties which prevail cheap things above aesthetics are only some of the facets of the problem.

However, what it matters is to remind that beyond the trends of fashion, the moment´s look or everyone´s personality. Dressing also defines our character and should be adjusted to every place and occasion.

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