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Psycho Havana 2018: a door to sanity

Psycho Havana 2018: a door to sanity

The rehabilitation of patients with mental disorders, the geriatric integral attention, quality and life styles, are part of the subjects of the scientific agenda of the 7th International Conference Psycho Havana 2018. The event sponsored by the Mental Institution of Havana, Commander Dr. Eduardo Bernabe Ordaz, takes session in the Palace of conventions.

Psychiatry and mental health

The opening conference offered by the Ph.d Ricardo Gonzalez, authority in subjects of psychiatry and mental health, was devoted to the need to establish the purposes of health and happiness, assuming the troubles of the others like ours upon the basis of the medical ethic.

The event will dedicate several days to the interchange among Cuban specialists and from other latitudes to debate experiences about how to face moods like depression, old aging, and others, and to achieve a life quality higher in the attention to patients mentally affected.

The event takes place justly when the Mental Institution of Havana consolidates as a center of reference for the rehabilitation to people with mental disorders. With the objective to actualize knowledge about mental health, representatives of about 10 countries will attend to the 7th     International Conference Psycho Havana 2018, celebrated at the Palace of Conventions.

The works of the agenda will aboard subjects like clinic psychiatry and psychology; rehabilitation of the patient with mental disorders; prevention and management of the addictive behaviors and psycho ballet.

There are also included in that relation the clinical hypnosis and other psychotherapy modalities, community psychology, natural and traditional medicine in mental health; quality of life and formation of human resources, among others.

The event is sponsored by the Mental Institution of Havana Commander and Dr. Eduardo Bernabe Ordaz

According to the president of the scientific committee, Amaray Cabrera, in the important event, sponsored by the Mental Institution of Havana Commander and Dr. Eduardo Bernabe Ordaz, will participate delegates from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Equator and Netherlands.

Also will prestige the event, specialists and investigators from Honduras, Argentina, Spain, France, U.S, Equatorial Guinea, and the host nation, added Cabrera during a meeting with the press.

The 60th anniversary of the Institution of Havana is celebrated

Psycho Havana 2018, is an appropriate framework to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Institution of Havana Commander and Dr. Eduardo Bernabe Ordaz, center of reference in the attention and rehabilitation of patients with psychological disorders, appointed the president of the organizing committee, Ivan Mora.

Previous to the event, were taught during two days 26 courses pre- congress in this institution and others of the health sector in the capital.

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