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Parrot intelligence is deciphered by scientists

Parrot intelligence is deciphered by scientists

Ottawa, July 9th, Canadian  scientists discovered that parrots have a unique  brain circuit much alike to apes, which allow them to accomplish difficult tasks where lies the secret of their intelligence, publish today digital media.

The capacity that these animals have to use tools, solve problems, comprehend mathematical concepts and even talk, motivated investigators to study 98 samples of birds brains including parrots, owls, hens and humming birds.

Specialists from the Universities of Alberta and Lethbridge intended to determine whether parrots have more developed the pontine cores, nerve cells located in the bacilar portion or bridge brain stem.

In humans and other apes these cores form a neuron circuit which transfer information between two areas of the brain: crust, which controls the sense information and other superior functions and the cerebellum, responsible of the motor functions.

However, the comparative analysis of parrot brain related to other birds allowed to establish that they do not have big pontine cores but the highlight for the great size of a similar structure called espiriform medial core.

This circuit communicates brain crust with the cerebellum and it is from two to five times as much bigger in parrots than in other birds like hens, explained Cristina Gutierrez, one of the authors of the investigation.

According to the expert, the neuron connection correspondence between the brain of apes and parrots could explain why the former are capable of accomplishing complex tasks similar to the latter.

In both cases, the motor abilities and intelligence spread by means of similar brain connections, even when they take place in different places in the brain of every species.

The recent discovery says that the need to know deeply how this process happen in the pontine cores in human beings to better comprehend the functioning of our brains.

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