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Millions of people have received the benefits of the Cuban medical cooperation

Millions of people have received the benefits of the Cuban medical cooperation

The member of the Political Office of the Cuban Communist Party, Roberto Morales Ojeda and Vice president of the Council of State and the Ministry of Public Health, expressed that more 400 thousand professionals of this sector have collaborated in 165 countries, remarks the Cuban Agency of News.

During an interchange that took place as part of a visit to the province of Granma he referred that not only those figures are important but everything which have been contributed by the ones who arrived in distant places of the cities and help with the health of the countries.

He highlighted that Cuba has now medical collaborators in 65 countries and she is at the best disposal to help to those who are in need.

The quality of the Cuban medicine is undeniable and has a renowned prestige in the whole world which is a pride source to every Cuban

He underlined the human thought of Fidel, main driving force of the internationalist missions which take health, education, sports and arts to other countries.

Among the greatest examples of solidarity of the professionals of the Cuban medicine we find the fight against the Ebola epidemic, when sons of the country of Fidel and Marti set their lives in jeopardy to save other people. Morales Ojeda visited the hospitals Celia Sanchez Manduley in the coastal area of Manzanillo and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes in Bayamo, the main hospitals in the eastern province.

In Granma is guaranteed as in the rest of the island the functioning of all the medical institutions and a quality attention to the population.

Generally speaking, here are six hospitals of provincial level and some others in the municipalities, mother and elder homes, dentist clinics and 28 policlinic including eight in the mountain ranges.

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