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Las terrazas: a rural project of sustainable development

Las terrazas: a rural project of sustainable development

Placed in the eastern side of Sierra del Rosario in Artemisa province, the project known as Las terrazas celebrates this 2018 the five decades of existence. This territory constitutes a model of rural sustainable development for Cuba and the world.

Deep in the morning, the class day reaches its greatest intensity at ¨Uruguay Eastern Republic¨, right into this community. Since it corresponds to a mixed center, some students enjoy from a several minute break.

Other receive the basic elements of the civic education

In a near location, a fifth grade group attends a singular lesson. Having the path as the classroom and the tutoring of a specialist of the ecological station, the students learn how to love nature.

No one could think of this now, but the paradise that is today Las terrazas was some time in past a hell. Five decades ago, these mountains lacked vegetation, exploited during centuries of its wood resources, and its inhabitants suffered from an extreme poverty.

The year 1968 came in, and under the leadership of Fidel Castro the plan of development of Sierra del Rosario was started, which came to provide the basic needs to the hill inhabitants.

In eight years, 7 million trees were planted by the employment of a system that would give to the territory its name.  Las terrazas will be build taking into account the gradients of the soil to avoid the erosion of the terrain by the runoff.

Meanwhile, in the intra mountain valley the community was growing, a work of the Architect Osmany Cienfuegos, considered by many experts as the urban compound better integrated to the surrounding landscape ever made in the revolutionary era.

From all of this knowledge get fed the youngest in the midst of the school day.

The recovery of natural values of Las terrazas, allowed to insert the touristic activity in the nineties as a means to guarantee the sustainability of the project in the hardest times of the economic crisis.

Today is a frequented place by the visitors of the most diverse latitudes.

Sierra del Rosario was the first reserve of the Biosphere declared by UNESCO in Cuba 1985.

In its eastern extreme, Las terrazas plans a sustainable rural development project, a new way to think the relationship between the human beings and nature, which brings about the admiration of the whole world.

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