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Cuba says NO to gender violence

Cuba says NO to gender violence

The Cuban session for non violence to women concerns to several institutions, organizations and activists, who intensify their public actions in diverse places of the country.

This year, the province of Las Tunas will have a special participation in a program that focuses its attention on youth for its change potential.

¨We are interested in young people since they have the possibility to undo myths, landmarks and traditions which enclose the human relationships and conceptions about male and female gender. That is why we make this closure of the campaign ¨You are more¨ emphasizing on youth, expressed Yasmany Díaz, vice director of the center Oscar Arnulfo Romero (OAR), during press conference.

With the team of OAR will be present in Las Tunas specialists, journalists, actresses and audio visual operators engaged with the promotion of non violence towards girls and women.

Among the guests are the directors of the t.v series ¨Breaking silence¨, Rolando Chiong and Legna Pérez and the actress Edenis Sánchez. Another participant will be the singer Luis Franco, who will be in charge of a concert in the cultural square in Las Tunas city. Franco thanked the opportunity to get involved in a campaign like ¨You are more¨ and share before the press present for the headquarters of OAR, and his new song ¨You are life¨.

The program in Las Tunas includes activities at schools, universities, communities, galleries, and artistic squares. Besides, it will take place the National Meeting of the Platform of Cuban men for non violence and gender equality and the presentation of the book ¨Survivals¨, from the Latin America and the Caribbean Women´s News Service.

Three municipalities of Las Tunas will have the greatest role in the agenda for non violence during the first week of December, in other territories and it will be also developed other actions, so was expressed by Osmaida Hernández, who is in charge of ideological matters of the National Secretary of the Cuban Women´s Federation.

The female Cuban organization concerns OAR, to the National Sex Education Center and other institutions and other efforts which foresee gender violence expressions and make a call to put an end to it.

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