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Challenges of the new representatives of the country

Challenges of the new representatives of the country

Next March 11th people can elect, through the secret and direct vote to the delegates to the province assemblies and the deputies of the Parliament, who will exert according to our Constitution their functions for a term of five years.

The next Legislation to the National Assembly of the People´s Power will be constituted on April 19th and its management will take place in a historic moment for the Cuban Revolution.

It will correspond to the ones assuming such responsibilities to continue the updating of the guidelines for the economical and social Politics of the Party and the Revolution. Besides, they should watch closely the economical and social development until 2030.

But it will become imperative and it is essentially the work of the new representatives to increase the role of the organisms of the People´s Power to represent the country to all of the levels. Today the majority of the requests of the population without being absolute, are referred to the lack of responses by some institutions and entities involved with the management of the local governments.

It is not a secret either that many of these responses to the everyday problems depend on the resources. From this point, it will keep on being complicated having results of many of those tasks due to the strengthened global crisis, the armed conflicts and the imperial offensive against the progressive countries of the region.

As part of this situation, it is also the politics against Cuba of the North American President Donald Trump, who intends to defeat the Cuban Revolution through the blockade hardening. Those are external factors beyond dispute but ours also take part.

To the lack of resources, in many occasions the balance tilts to the little exigency, justifications and the inertia of some administrations that do not take advantage from the capacities of the territory and wait only for what is assigned from the top, from the central budget of the state.

Before these realities, the representatives of the country should be more prepared to know aspects of our economy not only to explain to the electors but also to demand them to make fulfillment with the country.

Beyond economic matters which need to be solved, continues as a pendant task the call of the Cuban president in 2013 to face energetically negative phenomena, trends to break ethic and moral values which disturb the calm and safety of the Cuban society.

How to fulfill this call for the civil regulations of the society and the laws stop being dead letters but big activities by everybody?  That is, doubtless, another of the big challenges of the new legislation.

Many aspects will be left to be numbered in this commentary, in which it would be unforgivable not mentioning the responsibility every citizen has from their places, wherever it could be with the development of our country.

To keep on being faithful to the ones who gave everything and would not be present physically; to put into practice every day what was expressed by Raul about the permanent teaching of Fidel, that it is possible and that man is capable to overcome the most difficult conditions if his will to win does not fail. The next legislation, as all of our country has that great challenge in times where we should continue perfecting the work and in historical moments maybe like never before for the Revolution.

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