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Casablanca radar is modernized

Casablanca radar is modernized

The Casablanca radar, after de substitution of the 70 percent of its equipment, is capable of detecting meteorologist phenomena with higher precision. The modernization is qualified as the most significant of the last 30 years.

Every 30 minutes this radar makes observations to measure the precipitations associated to meteorologist phenomena in the western part of our country. The installation of control processors and radar signals and new analogical and digital receivers gives to it more reach and precision. At this moment is capable of detecting faraway weak echoes of 50 kms not made before… we look forward to keeping on improving.

It was assembled by specialists of the meteorologist institute. This fact allowed it to reduce the expenses and the energy consumption which is barely 3 kilowatts.

After the modernization, the Casablanca radar could take in a near future the DOPLER technology, a system that enables to determine with higher precision the strength and speed of the winds during a hurricane, to foretell coastal floods and detect the occurrence of twisters, which will contribute to make more certain forecasts.

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