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Ariel Pestano recovers positively from leptospirosis

Ariel Pestano recovers positively from leptospirosis


The outstanding former baseball player Ariel Pestano, glory of the Cuban Sports, recovers positively from a leptospirosis, according to declarations of Doctor Armando Caballero to the radio station CMHW in early hours of this Monday morning.  The chief of the intensive care hall of the Province Hospital confirmed the diagnose of suffering from leptospirosis, which has been treated with all the medications and necessary resources which have led the patient to show a positive health status.

However, Ariel Pestano remains admitted in the intensive care hall normally continuing the treatment directed by the physicians and receiving supporting calls and messages from all his fans and followers of the country, among them the Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo.

Likewise, the family of the catcher expressed his thankfulness to all of the doctors and specialists that have treated the outstanding athlete besides the fans of the province and country which have shown interest for the health situation of Ariel Pestano.

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