A robot with Artificial Intelligence will present the news in China television


A robot gifted with Artificial Intelligence has been ¨hired¨ to present an information program in a t.v channel in China, according to the announcement in the same station.

According to its inventors, the robot can work as much as 12 hours, it takes 4 hours to recharge its batteries and will make its debut on next June 6th  , either in local television or in the application of this mobile way. China is one of the leader countries in the investigations of artificial intelligence or robotics.

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline in which scientists have been working long time ago. In the last years the internet globalization, the access possibility to a greater amount of data, technology uses cheaper prices and an improvement in the algorithms, have provoked its evolution.

The Chinese robots are already employed in this country to do some tasks so far non conventional for these machines like news writing, poems making or care of people, from children in day care centers to elder people in homes.

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